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The 26th annual edition of 24 Nonstop Hours on the 24th Day of December! All day, all night December 24th!

Robert Drake here – excited to once again host The Night Before on XPN!
Merry Fringemas!

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It was 26 years ago when WXPN came to me, with those puppy-dog eyes, hoping that I'd fill in on December 24. Seems no one was available, and in those days before digital, you needed a body to oversee any programming. So, I agreed - as long as they gave me complete freedom to spin an aural web of sounds of the season - direct from my collection of holiday tunes. What they didn't know was that I had already developed a fascination for Christmas songs. Not the burnt cookies anyone can hear up and down the dial in December. My collection was chock-full of unique nuggets - some not given the light of day for decades.

So, they agreed to give me three hours and I delivered. The three hours went to four - which went to six and then to twelve, to celebrate twelve years of tradition! The following year management asked what I planned to do to top my 12-hour marathon. I said, how 'bout 24 hours?! After checking my pulse and temperature - just to be sure I wasn't babbling under some illness - they agreed. Ever since, I've been on the air for 24-nonstop hours every Christmas Eve.

And now I am doing it all again!

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To better explain The Night Before on XPN with Robert Drake, check out this 'timeless classic' about my annual aural tradition, written and performed by Philly's own Bah & The Humbugs to celebrate my (then) 20th anniversary of The Night Before The Night Before

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MalindaAnnHillMalindaAnnHill - When my twin wakes me up at 5am then falls back to sleep, I need an extra egg nog latte in my @wxpnfm mug. Thanks again to @DJRobertDrake for #XPNNightBefore . Merry Christmas! pic.twi... - 12:11PM Dec 25

theericschumantheericschuman - Enter the weird and wonderful world of FRINGEMAS. The post- #XPNNightBefore special (hosted by me & @DJRobertDrake ) begins momentarily on @wxpnfm ... pic.twi... - 05:20AM Dec 25

jillianiveyjillianivey - Please believe that I mean it in the best possible way when I say @jobu215 and I end every Christmas Eve in a puddle of tears when @DJRobertDrake closes out #XPNNightBefore with Jeff Buckley’s interpretation of “Hallelujah.” Happy holidays, y’all. - 05:04AM Dec 25

DJRobertDrakeDJRobertDrake - DON'T TOUCH THAT DIAL! #XPNNightBefore twitter... - 12:58AM Dec 25

honneylovehonneylove - Way to get all of us listening to lose Whammageddon @DJRobertDrake #XPNNightBefore - 11:51PM Dec 24

MalindaAnnHillMalindaAnnHill - Deer in the headlights #XPNNightBefore pic.twi... - 10:46PM Dec 24

booker_julianbooker_julian - The singular moment of the day...when @DJRobertDrake plays “Christmas Wrapping.” So much #XPNNightBefore - 10:29PM Dec 24

DJRobertDrakeDJRobertDrake - chat room is so last century ;) It's all social media now - haha - but thanks for the virtual coffee fix! #XPNNightBefore twitter... - 10:13PM Dec 24

EmorysGirlEmorysGirl - Nothing like coming out of church to “Yuletide Zeppelin” #XPNnightbefore - 10:05PM Dec 24

alexjrlewisalexjrlewis - @DJRobertDrake Thank you so much for sharing Sy's story and song. That was beautiful radio! Here's the "official" link to where people can stream the song: soundcl... #XPNNightBefore - 07:38PM Dec 24

EileenCunniffeEileenCunniffe - That was a beautiful thing you just did there, Robert with The Night Before the Night Before Christmas"! #XPNNightBefore @wxpnfm - 07:23PM Dec 24

MrVinnieSaysMrVinnieSays - I just showed this photo to the kids. They flipped out. #XPNnightbefore is the best. twitter... - 07:05PM Dec 24

booker_julianbooker_julian - Back on the #XPNNightBefore train (as I prepare to take a to DE) after a few hours off. Pretty sure I haven’t missed a Striking Twelve since I moved to Philadelphia in 2005... @DJRobertDrake still sounds great. - 05:06PM Dec 24

DavidLeiggiDavidLeiggi - #XPNNightBefore Thank you Robert Drake! My 24th year enjoying The Night Before! - 02:11PM Dec 24

brett5355brett5355 - Do yourselves a favor and listen to #XPNNightBefore at featuring @DJRobertDrake and his eclectic holiday collection, every minute of 12/24/18. pic.twi... - 02:10PM Dec 24

jimpassarojimpassaro - Proud to introduce the #XPNNightBefore tradition to our kids! Thanks @DJRobertDrake and @wxpnfm for our soundtrack today! - 01:43PM Dec 24

Koons17112Koons17112 - #XPNNightBefore is amazing. I will never forgot one year I listened, leaving my family Christmas Eve Party, turned it on and they played Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah. Not your traditional holiday song. Made me remember my grandfather who passed away during holidays back in high schl twitter... - 12:08PM Dec 24

howdyjudyhowdyjudy - #XPNNightBefore it’s 4:30am here in Colorado and we are listening! - 11:34AM Dec 24

jpbutlerjpbutler - You should tune to #XPNNightBefore right now and leave it on all day. @DJRobertDrake hosts the best day of music every year! www.xpn... - 11:30AM Dec 24

wbilanciowbilancio - #XPNNightBefore no old school chat room this year? :( - 05:37AM Dec 24

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